Let's Create Africa Tax Issues published: 2 days ago 0

Why do I need to explain to the bank why am withdrawing 1,100,000 shillings and where I am taking it? 🤔. It is my money that they have seen grow, not theirs... Why should I explain? Why should I tell them where it is going surely? 🤔 Si afadhali kuweka kwa safe kwa nyumba basi.. #Banking101

Citizen Watch Criminal Issues published: 3 days ago 0

When somebody commits suicide due to a football game, can their family sue for any compensation by the club? #SuicideManenos


Waihiga K.Muturi, Rtn. Criminal Issues published: 3 days ago 1

My friend recently attempted suicide to no avail. He was player caught and charged on a criminal basis. Was that right? 🤔

  • Mwananchi
    3 days ago

    Under Kenyan law, attempted suicide is a crime. Government and civil society groups plan to meet this month to discuss a roadmap to changing or repealing the law. They say that persons who have attempted suicide need medical help, not punishment. Section 226 of the Penal Code defines attempted suicide as a misdemeanour. Categorized under the section Offences Connected With Murder and Suicide, a misdemeanour is punishable by a jail term of up to two years, or a fine, or both, according to Section 36 of the Penal Code. A 2014 report by the World Health Organization estimates that the suicide rate for males in Kenya is 24.4 for every 100,000, and the rate for females is 8.4. Kenya’s National Police Services’ annual crime report recorded 320 cases of suicide in 2015. Merab Liyai Mulindi, a volunteer counsellor at Befrienders Kenya, says the silence surrounding the issue makes it difficult to determine the real numbers of people who have attempted or have died by suicide in Kenya.

KYR Legal Constitutional Issues published: 3 days ago 0

Has Cooperative University of Kenya Vice Chancellor Prof. Kamau Ngamau, or any of his senior management team seen this disgraceful poster the university is associating itself with for #16DaysActivism2021? Is this the official view on SGBV? And on men - as incapable of utu? https://t.co/JljR7TazWT


Ngure K Family Issues published: 2 weeks ago 3

Hi, There is a new succession law that will become active 14 days after publication in the Kenya gazette. The Law on succession (Amendment). Please highlight what the amendments mean to ordinary citizens. Thanks.

  • The Law of Succession (Amendment) Act 2021 certain provisions of the Law of Succession Act, 1981 CAP 160 for starters Section 3 by introducing a new definition of the term “spouse.” It defines a spouse to mean a husband or a wife or wives recognized under the Marriage Act, 2014. The Marriage Act under section 6 recognizes 5 types of marriages which are Christian marriage, Civil marriage, Customary marriage, Islamic marriage and Hindu marriage. In these 5 types of marriages; Christian marriage, Civil marriage and Hindu marriage are monogamous in nature while Customary marriage and Islamic marriage are polygamous or potentially polygamous in nature.

  • Section 29 has also been substituted with a new Section 29 which seeks to define who a dependant is, the new amendment provides that Dependant means- 1.The spouse and children of the deceased whether or not maintained by the deceased immediately prior to his death; and 2.Such of the deceased’s parents, step parents, grandparents, grandchildren, step-children, children whom the deceased had taken into his family as his own, brothers and sisters, as were being maintained by the deceased immediately prior to his death.

  • initials
    Ngure K
    19 hrs ago

    Thank you.

KYR Legal Employment Issues published: 3 weeks ago 0

Finally! The Parliament of Kenya passed a bill preventing employers from asking job applicants for various clearance certificates before offering them a job. "Young people should not be punished for looking for a job, let them earn money first to afford to pay for this documentation."


KYR Legal Criminal Issues published: 3 weeks ago 1

Tell me how to protect myself from Cybercrime?


  • Nick
    1 week ago

    Avoid http sites or rather only use sites with https on their links

Lilian Employment Issues published: 4 weeks ago 0

I have been working for an organization for 10 years. My contract has just been terminated. How do I go about asking for severance pay?

Nick Dispute Resolution published: a month ago 2

How do I go about a client who refuses to pay

  • KYR Legal
    a month ago

    After the recent enactment of Companies Act 2015 and Insolvency Act 2015, various regulations and guidelines have been issued with a view to make the implementation of these acts easier and to resolve areas of conflict or uncertainty. A new Income Tax Act is expected to be introduced in 2018, amending the 1974 version and modernising the tax system. Amendments to the Banking Act 2015 (enacted through the Banking (Amendment) Act 2016), capped the rate of interest chargeable by banks, and has significantly tightened credit and liquidity in the country (particularly for the SME sector). According to a recent analysis by Cytonn Investments, access to credit in the private sector is at an eight-year low of 2.1% (in May 2017) compared to 25.8% at its peak in June 2014 (https://www.cytonn.com/topicals/topical-july-23-2017).

Nick Constitutional Issues published: a month ago 1

What is the constitution?

  • KYR Legal
    a month ago

    The Constitution of Kenya is the supreme law of the Republic of Kenya. There have been three significant versions of the constitution, with the most recent redraft being enabled in 2010. The 2010 edition replaced the 1963 independence constitution. The constitution was presented to the Attorney General of Kenya on 7 April 2010, officially published on 6 May 2010, and was subjected to a referendum on 4 August 2010. The new Constitution was approved by 67% of Kenyan voters. The constitution was promulgated on 27 August 2010. You can also find more information here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constitution_of_Kenya

KYR Legal Constitutional Issues published: a month ago 2

How many days notice should I be given before EVICTION?


  • Nick
    a month ago

    Landlords usually exert unreasonable control over tenants with regards to payment of rent, increasing the rent, and evictions. The main reason is that the tenants do not know their rights. Ill also like to know something about tenant law.

  • KYR Legal
    a month ago

    First, for a tenant who’s on a long-term registered lease, the lease terms will operate. A lease provides the lessee security of tenure for the entire period until the lease period is expired. For instance, if you were paying rent on a monthly basis, the Landlord should give a one month’s termination notice. Upon the lapse of the termination notice, the Tenant becomes a trespasser. The Landlord can apply to the Environment and Land Court for an eviction order. The Court of Appeal in Gusii Mwalimu Investment Co. Ltd & 2 others vs. Mwalimu Hotel Kisii Ltd, Civil Appeal No. 160 of 1995 applied by the High Court in Teresia Irungu vs. Jackton Ocharo & 2 others [2013] eKLR, held that: “It is trite law that unless the tenant consents or agrees to give up possession the landlord has to obtain an order of a competent court or a statutory tribunal (as appropriate) to obtain an order for possession.” 2. There are different types of eviction in Kenya: - a. Eviction of a Tenant at a residential unit; b. Eviction of a Tenant from business premises protected under Cap 301; and c. Eviction of unlawful/illegal settlers. By first knowing where you fall within these categories, then you’ll know how to defend your rights on the same.

Nick Employment Issues published: a month ago 0

How would I know am in a hostile work environment?

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