Siasa Place Civil Rights Issues published: 6 months ago 0

Siasa Place is an NGO formed in 2015 that aims to create an enabling environment for youth mainstreaming into our body politic. We at Siasa Place believe in the active participation of ordinary citizens, in an inclusive platform for young people willing to voice their concerns and ideas and if needed to lead, and in educating people on the functions and processes of government and the responsibility of the voters in holding that government accountable. Vision: A people who are informed, liberated, engaged and dignified living in a democratic space. Mission: To promote the peoples participation in democratic processes through research, training, civic education, networking and strategic partnerships. #SiasaPlace

JKLIVE | Curtains come down on opinion polls ahead of elections. Learn a bit more about opinion polls. #OpinionPolls #JKLive #Civic


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