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We are an initiative that serves as a crucial building block in strengthening the Kenyan media ecosystem, working to rebuild trust amongst the key players in the ecosystem and the public, and putting in place resources that will help address challenges being faced in terms of business models. #BML


A New, Ground-breaking Collaborative Journalism Project Set to Tackle Mis & Dis – information in Kenya. In late 2021, Baraza Media Lab and twenty-three (23) media and media-related organisations met to discuss whether there was interest in taking collective action to combat mis/disinformation and mal-information aimed at confusing voters ahead of the Kenyan elections in 2022. Through these sessions, the collective concluded that there is a surge in a dedicated and sophisticated spike in mis/dis/mal – information attacks as well as a clear lack of training for media practitioners Launched in April 2022, Fumbua, which is a Swahili word meaning to unravel the truth, is a collaborative journalism project focused on discovering and investigating suspicious information about public policies in the upcoming general elections that have been shared on social media or messaging apps. #FumbuaKe #BML


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