KYR Legal Civil Rights Issues published: 10 months ago 2

How many days notice should I be given before EVICTION?


  • Nick
    10 months ago

    Landlords usually exert unreasonable control over tenants with regards to payment of rent, increasing the rent, and evictions. The main reason is that the tenants do not know their rights. I’ll also like to know something about tenant law….

  • KYR Legal
    10 months ago

    First, for a tenant who’s on a long-term registered lease, the lease terms will operate. A lease provides the lessee security of tenure for the entire period until the lease period is expired. For instance, if you were paying rent on a monthly basis, the Landlord should give a one month’s termination notice. Upon the lapse of the termination notice, the Tenant becomes a trespasser. The Landlord can apply to the Environment and Land Court for an eviction order. The Court of Appeal in Gusii Mwalimu Investment Co. Ltd & 2 others vs. Mwalimu Hotel Kisii Ltd, Civil Appeal No. 160 of 1995 applied by the High Court in Teresia Irungu vs. Jackton Ocharo & 2 others [2013] eKLR, held that: “It is trite law that unless the tenant consents or agrees to give up possession the landlord has to obtain an order of a competent court or a statutory tribunal (as appropriate) to obtain an order for possession.” 2. There are different types of eviction in Kenya: - a. Eviction of a Tenant at a residential unit; b. Eviction of a Tenant from business premises protected under Cap 301; and c. Eviction of unlawful/illegal settlers. By first knowing where you fall within these categories, then you’ll know how to defend your rights on the same.

Nick Civil Rights Issues published: 10 months ago 1

What is the constitution?

  • KYR Legal
    10 months ago

    The Constitution of Kenya is the supreme law of the Republic of Kenya. There have been three significant versions of the constitution, with the most recent redraft being enabled in 2010. The 2010 edition replaced the 1963 independence constitution. The constitution was presented to the Attorney General of Kenya on 7 April 2010, officially published on 6 May 2010, and was subjected to a referendum on 4 August 2010. The new Constitution was approved by 67% of Kenyan voters. The constitution was promulgated on 27 August 2010. You can also find more information here:

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Finally! The Parliament of Kenya passed a bill preventing employers from asking job applicants for various clearance certificates before offering them a job. "Young people should not be punished for looking for a job, let them earn money first to afford to pay for this documentation."


Ngure K Civil Rights Issues published: 9 months ago 3

Hi, There is a new succession law that will become active 14 days after publication in the Kenya gazette. The Law on succession (Amendment). Please highlight what the amendments mean to ordinary citizens. Thanks.


  • Meru & Njagi Advocates
    9 months ago

    The Law of Succession (Amendment) Act 2021 certain provisions of the Law of Succession Act, 1981 CAP 160 for starters Section 3 by introducing a new definition of the term “spouse.” It defines a spouse to mean a husband or a wife or wives recognized under the Marriage Act, 2014. The Marriage Act under section 6 recognizes 5 types of marriages which are Christian marriage, Civil marriage, Customary marriage, Islamic marriage and Hindu marriage. In these 5 types of marriages; Christian marriage, Civil marriage and Hindu marriage are monogamous in nature while Customary marriage and Islamic marriage are polygamous or potentially polygamous in nature.

  • Meru & Njagi Advocates
    9 months ago

    Section 29 has also been substituted with a new Section 29 which seeks to define who a dependant is, the new amendment provides that Dependant means- 1.The spouse and children of the deceased whether or not maintained by the deceased immediately prior to his death; and 2.Such of the deceased’s parents, step parents, grandparents, grandchildren, step-children, children whom the deceased had taken into his family as his own, brothers and sisters, as were being maintained by the deceased immediately prior to his death.

  • initials
    Ngure K
    8 months ago

    Thank you.

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Did you know that Jamhuri is the Swahili word for "republic" and the holiday is meant to officially mark the date when Kenya became a republic on 12 December 1964, one year and six months after gaining internal self-rule on 1 June 1963 from the United Kingdom. Jamhuri Day (Republic Day) is a national holiday in Kenya, celebrated on 12 December each year.[1] #KYRAfrica is a social justice platform seeking to provide 20 million Africans with access to user-friendly, affordable justice education & advice on their individual freedoms and rights by 2030. Donnant accès à une éducation&à des conseils juridiques conviviaux et abordables sur vos libertés et vos droits. Know Your Rights | Connaissez vos droits #LetsCreateAfr #JamuhuriDay


Siasa Place Civil Rights Issues published: 2 weeks ago 0

Siasa Place is an NGO formed in 2015 that aims to create an enabling environment for youth mainstreaming into our body politic. We at Siasa Place believe in the active participation of ordinary citizens, in an inclusive platform for young people willing to voice their concerns and ideas and if needed to lead, and in educating people on the functions and processes of government and the responsibility of the voters in holding that government accountable. Vision: A people who are informed, liberated, engaged and dignified living in a democratic space. Mission: To promote the peoples participation in democratic processes through research, training, civic education, networking and strategic partnerships. #SiasaPlace

Azimio la Umoja Civil Rights Issues published: 2 weeks ago 0

My fellow Kenyans — As I have repeatedly said, I remain deeply committed to seeing our country evolve a government that is committed first and foremost to investing in the people. I remain deeply committed to overseeing a country that measures its well-being not by the GDP but by the impact of policies on real lives of real people at the household level-a society truly committed to uplifting the poor in its midst. That is why I disclosed last week that as we go around inviting Kenyans into our unity agenda under the Azimio la Umoja, our single focus is going to be how to ensure our people are fed, healthy, educated and safe before all other considerations, now, and well into the future. We are determined to ensure that our people have adequate food and that no child will be born into poverty again and be confined to poverty as has become the norm in this country. Not again. We believe the time has come for a government that spends on Kenyans not on itself. We believe the time has come for a government that spends on its people and not on expensive trips, per diems, mandazis in offices, inflated tenders and imprests that are never surrendered. The lax attitude towards public funds in this country has created a fertile environment for corruption and outright theft—stealing from the people. It has also created a perverse incentive structure where people join public service and not the private sector to get rich; where people’s riches or poverty are easily traceable to the duration in or out of office. This will have to end. As I declared a few days ago, I am looking forward to a government that shall embark on a direct cash transfer programme to the 2 million poorest households in the country going forward. This programme will reach about 8 million poor Kenyans a year given that the average size of a household across the country is four individuals. r-signature Raila Odinga October 13, 2021 #AzimioLaUmoja

Mzalendo Civil Rights Issues published: 2 weeks ago 0

"All Sovereign power belongs to the people of Kenya and shall be exercised only in accordance with this Constitution" Article 1 (i), Constitution of Kenya, 2010 #Constitution #Mzalendo


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